God was so faithful

God was so faithful, I just think about all the generations that have gone before us and how He has proven himself. He has proven Himself to me, He remains the same yesterday, today and forever.
I like the idea that the God I serve is the exact same God who did a lot of things in my life. Now is the same God, who did the work my father, my father at my age and the same God, who would one day do the work in the lives of my children and grandchildren.

There is something to pay attention to the Church around the room and saw an entire generation in the worship, you can see all the people you know, has spent time in life with more hands rose into the air from below and you can see the kids who just know who their savior and have the whole journey lay before them.

I am getting older, the more I realized that all this is called living designed with one goal and that is to live life to worship in spirit and truth.

I lean in you,
anxiety in the release ...
I do not have any more
from all that you offer me,
there is no longer worthy of me ...

FREEDOM IN YOUR LIFE I'LL BE ME MY dedicate worship!

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